Teaching Philosophy

I strive to make my teaching accessible and actionable, through setting expectations up front, and developing content and exercises that center learning.

My formal training comes from:

UF Instruction

I am a co-instructor at UF for GMS 5909 “Finding Biomedical Research Information and Communicating Science” (Fall 2020; planned Fall 2022)

I also do course-integrated instruction in a variety of reproduciblity-themed topics, such as version control, FAIR data, rigor and reproducibility, etc.

I teach standalone workshops using my own OER materials. For a listing of the workshops, please see the lesson modules page of my libguide, and the HSCL Workshops calendar for all upcoming workshops taught at HSCL.

Experience and Awards

I co-ran the SIO R Users Group for many years, receiving the E.W. Fager Award in 2014.

I served as a teaching assistant multiple times for different courses while a graduate student in the UCSD Psychology Department; as well as CS 1, the introductory computer science course while an undergraduate student at Caltech.

For many years, I was also an instructor for the San Diego Math Circle and a coach of the San Diego ARML Teams.

Computational Training

I have taught or assisted with The Carpentries workshops at the University of Minnesota, the University of Florida, and the University of California San Diego.

In addition to teaching, I was a board member for the UF Carpentries Club from 2017-2019, which organizes computational workshops and related events at the University of Florida. I have also led the organization of two Research Bazaar events at UF that include: talks, panel discussions, tutorials, and more: ResBaz2018 ResBaz2019.

As part of the Open Data Science at SIO, I also led the following informal seminars: