Empirical Dynamic Modeling

Inferring system dynamics from time series

Dynamic stability

Dynamic quantification of stability in ecosystems.

Information leverage in interconnected ecosystems: Overcoming the curse of dimensionality

In ecological analysis, complexity has been regarded as an obstacle to overcome. Here we present a straightforward approach for addressing complexity in dynamic interconnected systems. We show that complexity, in the form of multiple interacting …

Complex dynamics may limit prediction in marine fisheries

Complex nonlinear dynamics in marine fisheries create challenges for prediction and management, yet the extent to which they occur in fisheries is not well known. Using nonlinear forecasting models, we analysed over 200 time series of survey …

Complex systems: Cooperative network dynamics

Nested, or hierarchically arranged, mutualisms allow ecosystems to support more species than they otherwise would. But in this and other contexts, the growth of such networks could carry a heavy price.

The structures of letters and symbols throughout human history are selected to match those found in objects in natural scenes

Are there empirical regularities in the shapes of letters and other human visual signs, and if so, what are the selection pressures underlying these regularities? To examine this, we determined a wide variety of topologically distinct contour …